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The main goal of our activity is to provide you with premium quality transit fuels.

Welcome to KEFALONIAN OIL a company that supplies duty-free fuel to vessels, through an exclusive partnership with JET OIL, providing you with high quality, tax-free fuel.

Here at KEFALONIAN OIL, we are fast, flexible, and innovative and we focus on customer needs. We are happy to provide you with high quality fuels.

Our product has already been checked before delivery in order to ensure it meets all international standards. Also, our company has its own tankers, ensuring the quality and quantity of product received.

When ordering duty-free fuel to fill up your ship, it is important to know the fuel capacity of your vessel’s tank to avoid cumbersome procedures.

JET OIL Bunkering is the largest privately owned fuel supply company oil in Greece. With decades of experience, JET OIL supplies high quality fuels to all kinds of vessels. -It provides reliable and responsible services supplying high quality oil at competitive prices.

We deliver sealed samples of our product so you can check. The fuel we supply complies with Regulation 14 (1) and 18 (1) of Annex VI of 1978 on marine pollution (MARPOL).

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